Size 12” by 18” • 1/2 inch Thick
Wool Blend Felted Fabric

I developed the pressing pad to work with knit fabrics, stay tapes, and the serger trims created on stay tapes. I truly enjoy using my pressing pad for all sorts of different pressing. The pressing pad started out for a specific purpose and now is used for everything!

• The wool holds the heat and it is like pressing from both sides.
• The pad holds projects so they won’t skid or slip.
• The 18” by 12” pad is a very usable size.
• Push glass head pins into the pad to hold stay tapes in place to create trim combinations or to fuse Double Sided Stay Tape to the back of the trims for later placement on a project.

I like to use steam, as steam activates the fuse on my stay tapes, but the pad also works well with a dry iron.

View and/or print instructions for usage here.