Note: Sold by one yard increments. 60 inches wide, $8.00 per yard in Black or White.

SSI is a knit interfacing that is almost “not there,” as it is very sheer and will not be seen or noticed inside a garment. It is like gossamer. I, and most of the ladies that use SSI, use it for delicate garments such as gowns, sheers, etc. I have a lot of bridal shops that use it. I also carry SSI as a one-inch and ½-inch Stay Tape. It is 60 inches wide, fusible on one side, and comes in black and white. It sells for $8.00 per yard.

One jacket that I used it in was my Mai Su. I fused it to the lapel, which was very close to see-through. The lapel folded in half and was applied to the neckline and down the front of the garment, which came to just above the knees. If you could feel the lapel, you would not believe it was interfaced at all, let alone folded over to give two layers of interfacing. The soft, sheerness of the fabric was still there to the eye, as well as to the touch. Also please know that my white interfacing can be dyed to match a color to really hide the SSI. I use Tsukineko Inks and they can be obtained from The owners are Joel and Bobby Burkquist. If you decide to use the inks, you should know that they are heat set and if you use them on my interfacing and/or my stay tapes, do not use hot water. You can set the dye when you press the SSI in place, or are just pressing the garment. The SSI is steam activated.