This month I am going to show you how to enlarge the sleeve. I even did this for a student at the  Serger Boot Camp. We were doing a very cute Tee and this one student that has been going for years has arms like mine. I call them my mother’s arms, as I inherited them from her. The chosen pattern was made for knit fabric. Usually patterns that are for knit fabrics have a flatter sleeve cap, which is not good for any arm, but especially not good for a heavier upper arm. With my own personal Claire pattern sleeve I have had to raise the cap. I also had to enlarge it for my upper arm. Most patterns are too tight for me (as well as some ready-to-wear clothing). I can fix sleeve patterns, but have to really like the ready-to-wear to think about adjusting it.

This technique is an alteration, not a redesign. To enlarge the sleeve, use a long sleeve. You can shorten it later for a short sleeve or a 3/4 sleeve. The sleeve should come from a Tee pattern that is a good fit for you.

To view larger, printable instructions, click here.