When sewing with knits, use these 12 helpful hints to make a HUGE difference

1. Walking foot

2. Lighten machine foot pressure.

3. 75/11 STRETCH needles

4. 100% poly thread.

5. Bobbin containing the same 100% poly threads.

6. Stitch at a slow speed. Knits like slow.

7. Use flat hands to GUIDE fabric. Do not GRIP, TUG or PULL fabric. This is not stretch and sew any more.

8. Knits should be kept on a flat surface and not draping off the table.

9. Pin together on the table not the lap. Also put a pin at each end and the middle and then start working to close the gaps.

10. Start sewing on the fabric and stitch to the end off the fabric. Turn the fabric and sew off the other end. Never sew onto a fabric, especially light weight fabric as it usually goes down into the bobbin area.

11. Always best to sew to the waist. Sew up the leg and down the tee side seam.

12. Last but definitely not the least, USE SEWKEYSE STAY TAPES. They help control the knits so they don’t have ski moguls throughout your seams and hems.