• Learn Emma's secrets for making every knit garment look professional and fabulous with her new book, "Saty Tape Techniques". Inside you will find techniques for -
    • Stitching on Knits
    • Hemming Most Knit Fabrics
    • Hemming Tiny Pleated Fabrics
    • Hemming Sheer Laces
    • Hemming Sweater Knits
    • Seaming in Lace Fabrics
    • Seaming Sweater Knits
    • Vertical Seams in Slinky
    • Neckline Facing
  • Learn Emma’s secrets for making your own designer trims beautiful, and just perfect!

    • Supplies You Need & Love
    • Purchasing & Storage Tips
    • Machine Settings, Feet & Positioning Tips
    • Left Needled Rolled Hem Braid Trim
    • Left Needle Rolled Hem on Stay Tape
    • Left Needle Rolled Hem Beltloop Trim
    • Right Needle Barber Pole Trim • Baby Lock Wave Trims


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